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Metro North Economic Forecast Breakfast

Metro North Economic Forecast Breakfast

Turning Trends Into Opportunities

Vectra Bank Colorado
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Turning Trends Into Opportunities

As businesses, we not only need to understand the core drivers of our economy, but also leverage the opportunities created from these changes. So where are we in this current economic cycle? And what are the changes, disruptors and trends that may lie ahead? At this year's event, we brought together two experts to help provide you with the information your business needs to understand and capitalize on these opportunities.

Our experts, Executive Director of the Business Research Division at the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado at Boulder, Dr. Rich Wobbekind, and the Executive Director and Senior Futurist at DaVinci Institute, Thomas Frey, provided updates on the core drivers of our economic cycles. They also provided insights into the innovations and disrupters in our markets that might provide your business with future opportunities.

Bruce Alexander's Post Event Interview

Thomas Frey’s Post Event Interview

Dr. Rich Wobbekind’s Post Event Interview

2018 Featured Speakers

Rich Wobbekind PhotoDr. Rich Wobbekind
Leeds School of Business,
University of Colorado Boulder

Learn More About Dr. Rich Wobbekind
PDF of Dr. Rich Wobbekind’s Presentation

Thomas Frey PhotoThomas Frey
Founder and Executive Director,
DaVinci Institute

Learn More About Thomas Frey

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*The event, Turning Trends Into Opportunities, is offered for informational purposes only, and should not be construed as legal or other professional advice. Consult with an attorney or other professional concerning your own needs and circumstances. The views and opinions expressed by the speakers are not necessarily those of Vectra Bank Colorado, its parent or affiliates.