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Vectra Bank 25thAnnual Economic Forecast

Vectra Bank 25th Annual Economic Forecast

Back to Basics in 2018: Returning to the Core Drivers of Economic Growth

Back to Basics in 2018: Returning to the Core Drivers of Economic Growth

As businesses, we need to not only withstand the cycles of economic expansion and recession, but also continue reinventing ourselves and growing stronger with each one. So where are we in this current cycle?

At this year's event, we brought together two experts to help provide you with the information your business needs to be stronger in 2018. Our experts, MDEDC's chief economist Patty Silverstein and chief investment strategist for LPL Financial John Lynch, suggest a return to the traditional drivers that propel economic cycles and the forces that have historically supported economic and market growth.

Will getting back to business basics and a focus on the fundamentals produce the returns we're looking for in 2018?

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Bruce Alexander's Post Event Interview

John Lynch’s Post Event Interview

Patricia Silverstein’s Post Event Interview

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2018 Featured Speakers

Patricia Silverstein
Development Research Partners

Learn More About Particia Silverstein
PDF of Patricia’s Presentation
Patricia’s Webcast Presentation

John Lynch
Executive Vice President
Chief Investment Strategist
LPL Financial

Learn More About John Lynch
PDF of John’s Presentation
John’s Webcast Presentation
LPL Financial Outlook 2018: Return of the Business Cycle

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