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Vectra Bank’s Purchase Alerts

Vectra Bank’s Purchase Alerts

Vectra Bank’s Purchase Alerts® are a great way to monitor your credit and debit card activity for potential fraud or simply to help manage your money.

Purchase Alerts

Vectra Bank’s Purchase Alerts

You can receive timely updates on your Vectra bank Visa® debit or credit card activity through text messages to your mobile device or by email. You can select specific alerts and specify the settings for the alerts that you want to receive, such as when a transaction exceeds a specific value.

In addition to specific purchase amount alert, other categories include transactions where the card was not physically presented (such as online or phone purchases), international transactions, gasoline purchases, and declined transactions. Most Vectra Bank Visa credit and debit card types for business and consumer are eligible and enrollment is easy and FREE*! Just log in to your Online Banking account and look under the Services Tab for the Purchase Alerts enrollment option. If you aren’t already an Online Banking user, click here to learn more about Online Banking and enroll!

To learn more visit the Vectra Bank’s Purchase Alerts FAQ page.

**Important Details**
* Mobile Banking: Mobile provider fees may apply.