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Mobile Card Fraud Alerts

Mobile Card Fraud Alerts

This unique feature quickly recognizes potential fraud to notify and involve you in the resolution process as soon as possible.

Mobile Card Fraud Alerts

Use your Vectra Bank Debit and Credit Cards with confidence. In addition to zero liability for unauthorized charges, with free1 Mobile Card Fraud Alerts you receive a text message any time we see a potentially fraudulent transaction on your account.

Better Messaging
Text alerts are conveniently sent to your mobile device for easy messaging that won’t add to your email clutter.

Faster Reporting
Near real time transaction alerts1 are sent so conflicts can be resolved quickly and easily.

Stronger Protection
Whether activity is fraudulent or just unusual, you will receive alerts for added protection and peace of mind.

How Mobile Card Fraud Alert Works

As soon as Vectra Bank® detects something suspicious on your Vectra Bank credit or debit card, a fraud alert is sent by text message to your mobile phone2. All you have to do is text back a “Y” or “N”. “N” if the purchase is valid. “Y” if it’s not valid. If you text “Y” to tell us it’s not your purchase, we’ll text you a number to call to validate outstanding charges, prevent any further fraud and start the process of getting you a new card–helping to protect you, your account and your peace of mind.

It’s that simple and quick. And it works with any Vectra Bank® Visa® credit card or debit card as well as MasterCard cards.

Get Started Today!
Signing up is easy. There is no app to download, the service is free2 and it’s easy to enroll!

  1. Go to the online registration page anytime.
    • Please note, you’ll leave the Vectra Bank site to register.
  2. Enter the requested information.
  3. Agree to the Card Fraud Alert Service Terms and Conditions.
  4. Select Submit.
  5. Respond with “Y” to the text message sent to your mobile phone to complete registration.

If you have questions or need assistance please call us at: 888–648–7850.

To learn more visit the Mobile Card Alerts FAQ page.

See Terms and Conditions for complete details.

**Important Details**
1. Mobile Provider: Currently available with T–Mobile®, Verizon Wireless®, AT&T®, Sprint®, Boost® Mobile, Cricket® Wireless, Virgin Mobile USA, ALLTEL®; Communications Inc, Interop – Appalachian Wireless, US Cellular®, Cincinnati BellSM.

2. Service Fees: Mobile and text message provider service fees may apply.