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Security Software - Trusteer

IBM® Security Trusteer Rapport

When it comes to online fraud, sometimes antivirus software and a firewall aren’t enough.

IBM® Security Trusteer Rapport Software

Criminals are always on the lookout for ways to bypass defenses, making your personal information vulnerable. To help protect you online, the financial security experts at Trusteer offers a free security software called Trusteer Rapport.

Trusteer Rapport is a security software application that provides online identity theft and online transaction protection for consumers. You can use Trusteer Rapport to help protect your web browser sessions with websites that contain private or personal information. Rapport is entirely transparent and does not require you to change the way you work or sign into these websites. It does not require any configuration or maintenance; you simply install and browse safely.

Trusteer Rapport’s® protection is based on a revolutionary technology that is entirely different from the technologies used by other desktop security solutions. Trusteer Rapport helps to protect your username, password, and other sensitive login information and to prevent malware and fraudulent websites from stealing this information. Trusteer Rapport Software also helps protect your communication and prevent malware from tampering with your transaction (for example, transferring money from your bank account to the attacker’s bank account).

How does Trusteer Rapport Software help protect you?

Trusteer Rapport Software will help:

  • Shield your online banking information from prying eyes
  • Safeguard your identity
  • Protect your personal information, even if your PC is infected

Trusteer Rapport Software works with your antivirus and firewall software, and is not designed to replace these valuable tools. Conventional security software blocks known attacks, but can’t keep up with sophisticated new ones. IBM’s® Trusteer Rapport Software is innovative technology can help pick up where conventional security software fails.

Download Trusteer Rapport Software Here!

To learn more about Trusteer Rapport Software, please visit the Trusteer Rapport Software website.

* Please Note: By downloading and installing IBM® Security Trusteer Rapport, you agree with all of IBM Security's terms and conditions. Zions Bancorporation, N.A. and other members of the Zions Bancorporation family of companies are not associated with IBM and are not responsible for and do not guarantee the content, services or operation of Trusteer Rapport. All problems, questions or concerns regarding IBM Security Trusteer Rapport should be directed to IBM® and Trusteer Rapport are trademarks or registered trademarks of the International Business Machines Corporation, registered in many jurisdictions worldwide.