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Direct Connect

Direct Connect

Keeping your Register Up–To–Date is Automatic

Direct Connect

Tired of entering transactions manually into Quicken®? With PC Banking, your statement information can be downloaded directly into the check register of your financial software, allowing you to accept cleared items and reconcile your accounts. On top of that, you’ll be able to manage all of your finances, transfer funds, pay bills with Bill Pay and access account information 24 hours a day.

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If you have questions about Direct Connect call Online Banking Support at 800–884–6725.

Optimize your Direct Connect with Quicken®

Quicken gives you access to your Vectra Bank accounts day or night. Download your account statements directly into Quicken and easily transfer money between accounts. Find out at a glance which checks have cleared. Reduce data entry to almost nothing. Review your transactions and automatically update and reconcile your Quicken register. With Direct Connect, your Quicken entries are always consistent with your account statement.

If you’re already a Quicken® user, and you have a checking account with Vectra Bank, you’re ready to start Direct Connect!

Direct Connect is only $3.00 per month for personal!

Streamline Your Books with Direct Connect and QuickBooks®

QuickBooks® provides all the key features you need to manage your business. It’s easy because QuickBooks® works the way you do. With QuickBooks® there’s no need to understand or learn accounting jargon like debits, credits, posting, or closing. Just fill in familiar checks, invoices and forms onscreen, and QuickBooks does all the accounting for you.

QuickBooks gives you instant access to all the information you need to make business decisions. It provides many graphs and pre–set business reports. And, you can create your own custom reports. You can even turn features on or off as needed and customize forms to match your format preferences. There is custom documentation for more than 20 different industries.

If you’re already a QuickBooks® user, and you have a checking account with Vectra Bank, you’re ready to start Direct Connect!

And remember, Direct Connect is only $5.00 per month for business!

**Important Details**
Trademarks: Quicken® and QuickBooks® are the registered trademark of Intuit, Inc. and Vectra Bank does not claim any ownership or exclusive rights to the use of this trademark.