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Wire Transfer Services

Wire Transfer Services

If you can get online, you can initiate wires. It’s that easy.

The Fastest Way To Move Money

If you can get online, you can initiate wires. It’s that easy. With a secure online connection, you have the flexibility to process both domestic and international wires from anywhere.


  • At Your Service
    With VectraView™ access, you have a direct link to the Vectra Wire Department, which provides a quick and effective way to initiate wires. Plus, use the security controls–personal identification numbers, fixed and variable approval limits and max dollar limits–to transact safely and securely on an account or individual basis.
  • Capability & Control
    Establish convenient wire templates and schedule repetitive transfers (e.g., daily, weekly, monthly). Or schedule future–dated transfers; the funds are not removed from your account until the wire settlement date (cannot exceed 30 days).
  • Around the World or Just Across Town
    Wire transfers are the fastest, most convenient way for your business to move funds quickly and securely around the country or the world. Most funds transferred via wire are available as soon as a wire is credited to the beneficiary account, which means quicker funds availability than ACH. Plus, transfer funds to banks in numerous currencies in foreign countries.

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**Important Details**
Treasury Management Products/Services: Certain Treasury Management products/services may be subject to credit approval and agreement. Fees may apply. Contact your banker or Treasury Management officer for details.