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Fraud Prevention packages

Fraud Management Solutions

Reduce the risk of check and ACH fraud with our fraud prevention product package for businesses.

Fraud Management Solutions*

Each fraud prevention product package puts you in control of managing debits from your account to detect possible fraudulent activity before it happens.

Fraud Prevention Packages

Fraud Prevention Basic Package:
The basic package is targeted towards small businesses with low check volumes and includes Reverse Positive Pay and ACH Positive Pay.

Fraud Prevention Standard Package:
The standard package includes Image Positive Pay and ACH Positive Pay.

Fraud Prevention Premium Package:
The premium package includes Payee Match Positive Pay and ACH Positive Pay.

Our trained Treasury Management Representatives will work with you to find the fraud prevention package that best meets your business’ needs. To learn more about how our products can help your business call us at 800–341–8156 or email today!

Reverse Positive Pay

Allows you to review front and back images of all checks presented for payment, enabling early detection and return of unauthorized checks in an online environment. This product is perfect for small businesses or businesses with small monthly check volumes.

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ACH Positive Pay

Allows you to review all ACH debits and “accept” or “reject” each debit. Also allows you to manage those debits you want to allow in the future.

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Image Positive Pay

Allows you to review front and back images of mismatched checks identified as “exceptions” to enable early detection and return of unauthorized checks.

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Payee Match Positive Pay

An enhanced version of Image Positive Pay with an added feature that supports matching of the payee name on all checks submitted for maximum fraud protection.

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Fraud Prevention Tips

Experience shows that it is not a matter of “if” your business will be impacted by fraud; it is a matter of when. External and internal threats exist, but most fraud is occupational, or employee fraud. This is a crime of opportunity often caused by a lack of internal controls. Vectra Bank wants to help you stay in business and we have the products and expertise you need today to help prevent fraud.

Outlined here are the top ten business fraud prevention tips to help you protect your business assets:

  1. Proactively assess potential fraud risks, assigning ownership for oversight and accountability.
  2. Establish an appropriate tone promoting ethical behavior and deterring wrongdoing.
  3. Create a culture of honesty, openness, and assistance.
  4. Conduct background checks on potential new hires and conduct fraud awareness training.
  5. Implement dual controls and/or separate key functions and duties.
  6. Require rotation of job duties and mandatory vacations.
  7. Utilize internal audits and “surprise” audits.
  8. Monitor employees and implement a fraud hotline or other reporting mechanisms.
  9. Create a “perception of detection” and an expectation of punishment for fraudulent behavior.
  10. Add Vectra Bank’s Fraud Prevention package to your business account today! Call us at 800–341–8156 or email or complete the short form below.

**Important Details**
*Treasury Management Products/Services: Certain Treasury Management products/services may be subject to credit approval and agreement. Fees may apply. Contact your banker or Treasury Management officer for details.