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Check Recovery

Check Recovery™

Vectra Bank Colorado can help make your Check Recovery more effective and more reliable than ever before!

Check Recovery™*

Vectra Bank is pleased to introduce Check Recovery™ from Fiserv to dramatically improve collection rates from bad checks quickly and efficiently – at no cost to you.

Check Recovery completely handles the collection process with no set–up fees, no equipment to buy and no changes to your existing account. Businesses with Check Recovery typically double their collection rates.

Benefits And Features

  • Cost Free: No service costs, no startup fees, no software requirements, and no changes to your Vectra banking accounts.
  • Risk Free: You can exit Check Recovery anytime.
  • High Collection Rates: Fiserv has historically collected 68% of their processed returns.
  • Cost Reductions: Reduce costs and collect funds faster–Check Recovery lowers labor and operating costs by doing the work for you, giving you time to run your business.
  • No–Cost Traditional Secondary Collections: If the electronic recovery attempt is not successful, traditional secondary collection is available at no additional cost.
  • 24/7 Information and Reporting: Status of items and historical reports are always available.

How To Enroll

**Important Details**
*Check Recovery: Check Recovery Solutions is a service offered by Fiserv. Zions Bancorporation and its affiliates are not affiliated with Fiserv and do not provide, warrant or guaranty Fiserv products or services.

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