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Security Center

Security Center

Vectra Bank understands the importance of safeguarding your information.

Security Center

At Vectra Bank, in addition to our internal security systems, we make a range of security tools available to help enhance the digital environment.

Tools to Help You Protect Yourself:

  1. Install IBM’s® Security Trusteer Rapport Browser Protection Software
    IBM’s® Security Trusteer Rapport helps you secure your browser from malware attacks and fraudulent websites. This innovative technology can help pick up where conventional security software can fail. Learn more and download the IBM’s® Security Trusteer Rapport Browser Protection Software for free here.
  2. Consider opting out of traditional paper statements and receive only eStatements
    No more paper statements sitting around in your mailbox waiting for you to retrieve them. Online eStatements are password protected and encrypted. To register for eStatements you must first sign up for Business Online Banking, then click on the eStatement banner in Online Banking to enroll.
  3. Use Vectra Business Bill Pay to help reduce mail fraud
    Stop the fraudsters from stealing your personal information by directly receiving e–bills and paying them online.
  4. Update your PC–s Malware Protection Software
    Strengthen your online security by keeping your protection software and your web browser version updated.
Take A Layered Defense Approach

Layered Defense Approach A growing number of daily business operations are now completed online. And because fraud attacks can come from an ever–increasing number of sources, organizations must establish multiple layers of safeguards, otherwise known as the Layered Defense Approach. Learn More

Business Email Compromises (BECs)

Businesses face multiple complex threats to email security every day. Business email compromises (BEC) are a major threat to large and small businesses alike. Learn more about these risks to your business and what you can do to help prevent them.

Reducing the Risk of Wire Transfer Fraud

Wire transfer fraud is on the rise with fraudsters targeting unsuspecting businesses with increasingly sophisticated email phishing scams. Fortunately, you can reduce the risk to your business by adopting some easy–to–follow procedures. Learn More

How Vectra Bank Helps Protect You:

Login ID and Password
Vectra Bank uses an Internet Login ID which will serve as your identifier when using Online Banking. In addition to your Internet Login ID, we require the use of a Password that you can change at your convenience. Together, these two unique pieces of information enable you to view your account information quickly, easily and confidently.

Final Note
Please keep your Vectra Bank Internet Login ID and Password secret. If you feel either may have been lost or compromised, please notify Vectra Bank Customer Service immediately at 1–800–232–8948. Remember! A Vectra Bank employee will NEVER ask you for your Onine Banking password. Learn more about protecting your identity on our ID Theft Preventation page.