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Aviation Banking & Financing

Aviation Banking & Financing

Vectra Bank Colorado has a dedicated aviation group, that has expertise and experience in this industry that you won’t find at other banks!

Aviation Banking & Financing

Aviation Vectra Bank Colorado

Our Expertise

Yes, we’re a bank, and you’d expect us to understand the dollars and cents. Of course we do. But what will impress you most is our specific understanding of your realm. With a dedicated aviation group, we have expertise and experience in this industry that you won’t find at other banks. That means we can speak your language, find innovative financial solutions that fit your needs specifically, and quite honestly, do it without wasting the time it would take you to educate us on acronyms like CAS.

Our Approach

It’s a constantly changing industry, and that means staying fresh with our approach to banking yet maintaining our long established relationships with leading aviation appraisers and title companies. Whether you’re financing or refinancing aircraft, consolidating aircraft loans into monthly payments, building equity or in need of full banking services, we’re here to go above and beyond.

Our Services

  • Loans for Helicopters — Financing for new and used helicopters with a variety of loan structures and competitive fixed-rate programs.
  • Loans for Jets and Turbines — Financing for new and used jet/turbine equipment and management of the entire process from financing to title and escrow, as well as International Registry.
  • Loans for Single and Twin Piston Engine Aircraft — Financing for new and used piston, single and multi engine aircraft.
  • Hangar financing with underlying ground–leases, where hangar is used to support a commercial operation.
  • Full service banking including term loans, resolving lines of credit, treasury management services, and deposit accounts.

For more information please call 720–947–7483, email or complete the form below.

You can also view the Aviation Banking brochure to learn more.

**Important Details**
Loans: All credit products are subject to credit approval. Terms and conditions apply.