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Prepping Your Storefront or Building for the Fall and Winter

October 2018 / Share
Business should start preparing now for the fall and winter seasons.

Fall is finally here, and as always, winter is not far behind. When it comes to the transition of seasons, homeowners aren't the only ones who have to prepare for change; several businesses also take steps to prepare their storefronts and facilities for what's to come.

While there's no definitive to-do list for businesses — as the needs of an agriculture-based company will differ greatly from a service-oriented organization — there are still some general tips that owners should take into account when they begin to see the first leaves fall.

Ring in the season with a sale

Businesses don't exactly need a reason to host a sale anymore — just take President's Day blowouts, for instance — but autumn can certainly be a lovely theme that businesses can use to stoke foot traffic and spark consumer interest. If you have a brick-and-mortar presence, consider adorning the storefront with typical seasonal trappings of gold, orange and scarlet-colored decorations or foliage to play up the sentiment. You can carry over the decor scheme to any online page you have by running a banner ad with the same color scheme. The more timely and seasonal you can make your event, the more likely it will resonate with customers and get them in the spirit of the season.

x Start prepping today.

Inspect your facility

While the coldest temperatures aren't exactly here just yet, business owners would be wise to get ahead of any HVAC issues by getting an inspection before the mercury starts to drop precipitously. Owners should take a tour of their facilities to check for any issues and ensure everything is in working order. Because your furnace or heating infrastructure has undergone a long stretch of inactivity, it's worth it to test the equipment before any problems are discovered in the middle of November. Businesses can also take a page from homeowners and clean their gutters, as well as take care of any tidying-up so the store has an immaculate appearance.

Have a plan for snow and ice

There's no harm in preparing for winter well ahead of time, since your business could be impacted by the onslaught of harsh weather. Snow and ice can make for chaotic conditions, and if they were to accumulate in front of your business's entrances and exists, there's a giant risk for injury and costs the business may be held liable for. Businesses should have a plan for snow and ice removal well before the first snowflake even has a chance of falling to the ground, and should include this in their annual budget.

Readying your business for fall and winter can be challenging, especially when there is so much else to take care of financially. Finding a banking partner to help manage some of the burden of operations can benefit owners in a number of ways. Talk to Vectra Bank today about how we can help your business for what may come.

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