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Preparing to add new employees in 2016

January 2016 / Share
There are strategies to take if your business is hiring new employees n 2016.

Hopefully your business is ending 2015 on a high note. Maybe you had an influx of sales around the holiday season or added some new clients in the fourth quarter of the year. Many companies added workers towards the end of the year - according to the ADP National Employment Report, the private sector added more than 200,000 jobs in November 3rd party Link Informaiton - as they try to build momentum for the year to come.

As 2015 comes to a close, you should closely study your company's finances and try to make a strategy for the future. Consulting a financial expert may be wise, to create an outline for investments, expenses and overall guide for the future. If one of the expenses you expect to have moving into 2016 are additional employees, that involves its own separate plan.

Adding more workers is an exciting step for your business to take. However, before you do create a job posting, interview prospects or agree to terms with a candidate, read over some tips on the best practices for adding new employees:

Clearly define the new position
Before you begin the search for new workers in the new year, look over your business and make sure you have a clear understanding of you're aiming for with the new position.  Talk with other executives in your business and the employees that will be working directly with this new hire so everyone is on the same page in terms of expectations for this new employee. This information will also be helpful when drafting a job listing.

When promoting a new position, it is helpful to be as specific as possible. These days, the majority of jobs are found online, and that will be no different in 2016. The more detailed a job posting is, the better chance you'll have at finding the right person your company needs. According to Glassdoor, the average job attracts 250 resumes. Sorting through that can be a major time waster and headache. Narrow down the field right away by knowing from the start what you're seeking.

Promote your values
One thing a lot of people look for when searching for a new job is a positive company culture. Workers want to be in an environment where they get along with their peers and feel like their work is appreciated. Some people are more focused on the work aspect, others tend to prioritize the social aspect. Either way, finding the right fit matters to the average worker heading into 2016.

Mashable stated that having a strong company culture 3rd party Link Informaiton is a good way to catch the eye of potential employees. Job prospects tend to seek out companies where they will be able to grow professionally and prosper as workers. While you are evaluating a candidate's skills and fit into your company, they are also doing some evaluating. By putting your company's at the forefront of a presentation and job posting, you'll be sure to add workers who fit well into what you're trying to do.

If your company is considering expansion in the coming year, first makes sure your finances are all in order and you have the ability to increase the amount you spend on payroll and benefits. A banking professional from Vectra Bank can help your business prepare for these additions.


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